Consumers  orders on the website,

Consumers need to fill in their real personal information and shipping address to ensure the delivery process. The information provided will be treated confidentially in accordance with the privacy policy set forth on this website.

After selecting the point of withdrawal of the goods and confirming the details of the order, the consumer needs to choose the method of payment.
This website is currently accepting payment methods such as  Wechatpay, Alipay and bank transfer.
Upon payment, you will be directed to the website (Alipa) to which the payment method belongs to confirm payment.

After successful payment, all orders have arranged for delivery within 7-10 days. Orders will not be shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays.

The payer signs the parcel at the designated address and completes the transaction.

*If our order quantity is large, the shipment may be delayed for a few days, please understand.

*If there is a significant delay in the delivery of your order, you can contact us by email or online customer service.


Freight aspect

The shipping cost of the order will be calculated and displayed at checkout.


Delivery confirmation and order tracking

Once we have shipped your order, you will receive a confirmation email with the shipment tracking number. The tracking number will take effect within 24 hours.


Tariffs and other payments

We do not accept any liability for any duties and taxes that apply to your order.

All costs (tariffs, taxes, etc.) imposed during or after transportation must be borne by the customer.